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Forcheck generates a report

      F O R C H E C K  (R)  V14.6.07
Copyright (c) 1984-2015  Forcheck b.v. All rights reserved
Licensed to: Forcheck b.v., Leiden, NL
PC/Windows (+IDE), serial: 9611401
Maintenance expires: 2016-01-01

Date: 2015-05-19 Time: 21:28:49

   -- compiler emulation file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Forcheck\share\gfortran.cnf

   -- gfortran compiler emulation

   -- Fortran 95 syntax

   -- environmental options: /BA/PW=100/PL=62

   -- commandline argument: @C:\Users\Eigenaar\AppData\Local\Forcheck\fck.cmd

   -- scanning input files

   -- program unit analysis

   -- reference structure

   -- global program analysis

   -- program metrics:

number of program units:                 63
number of (sub)modules:                  14
number of subprograms:                  183
number of module procedures:            131
number of internal subprograms:           3
number of source files:                  18
number of include files:                  5

   -- messages presented:

      5x[ 66 I] comment line(s) within statement
      3x[315 I] redefined before referenced
      4x[323 I] variable unreferenced
      2x[347 I] non-optimal explicit type conversion
      5x[557 I] dummy argument not used
      2x[786 I] type kind inconsistent with specification

number of informative messages:          21
number of suppressed messages:          178

Completed with information

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