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Overview of Forcheck salient features
  • Performs a full static analysis of separate program units, groups of program units, or integral Fortran program.
  • Detects more anomalies in your program than the compiler. Because it locates bugs as early in the development phase as possible, it saves you time and helps you to produce more reliable code.
  • Is a reverse engineering tool to get a fast insight in existing and legacy programs.
  • Composes optimal documentation: cross-reference tables for each program unit, and for the integral program, call trees, callby trees, USE trees and module dependencies.
  • Is a software engineering tool in the various stages of the development process.
  • Provides metrics for each prgram unit, module procedure and of the integeral program.
  • Is suitable for very small up to extremely large projects.
  • Can verify the conformance to all levels of the Fortran standard and supports many language extensions of all popular compilers.
  • FORCHECK is fully configurable. You can tune the analysis and output to your needs.
  • Stores the global information of the analyzed program-units in libraries which can be referenced in subsequent FORCHECK runs to verify the consistency of all references, common-blocks and modules.
  • Is very suitable as a cross-platform development tool in a multi-platform environment.
  • Is available for Windows and Linux. It supports most Fortran language extensions of all popular compilers.
  • Provided with an intuitive Integrated Development Environment.
  • Is in use at many sites. Look what users say about FORCHECK !
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