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FORCHECK is currently available on the following platforms:
  • MS-Windows (NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Linux on X86
For these platforms an IDE is supplied.

Implementation specific details:

The documentation includes an installation guide, and an extensive user guide (supplied in pdf form).

On-line documentation is provided for each implementation.

In the command line versions the names of files to be analyzed and all options can be specified on the command line, by question and answer, or by specifying a command file. This interface is specifically designed for each implementation, in order to mimic the compiler/linker combination of the system used. Many options can be set to tune the analysis and output.

On all systems Forcheck has space to analyze very large program and programs with up to 200,000 names. There is no limit on the number of statements or number of program units which can be analyzed.

An Integrated Development Environment is provided in which projects can be defined with all its related files, options can be specified and documentation can be browsed.

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