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Cross-reference tables

Program-unit cross-references

Forcheck composes cross-reference tables of all syntactic elements: subprogram entries, named constants, labels, variables, derived types, referenced subprograms, common blocks and external input/output. For all of these items the types and operation codes (actions performed) are presented. Side effects are reported as well. Warnings are given for illegally used and for unused items, e.g. 'unreferenced', or 'not defined'. Moreover unreferenced common blocks, unreferenced modules and unreferenced include files are listed.

Global cross-references

Optionally Forcheck lists all analyzed subprograms with the names of the files in which they are stored with their page numbers in the source code listings. Forcheck constructs global cross-reference tables for referenced subprograms, modules, include files, external i/o, common blocks. At wish common-block objects, public module variables and derived types with the kind of operations performed on, can be cross-referenced.

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