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FORCHECK can create a hierarchical call tree of all referenced subprograms. Both a textual and a graphical call tree can be generated. Modules containing unsaved public data and unsaved common blocks which are not declared in the main program or in the root of its referencing program units are reported. Possible recursive references are flagged. To keep the output as compact and concise as possible, needless repetitions of sub trees are suppressed. Unreferenced subprograms with their references are presented in separate trees.


reference structure:

      1  .MAIN.
      2        SUBR1
      3        SUBR2
      4              GTCHAR
      5                    FUN
      6                    LEN
      7                          GTCHAR > 4

  GTCHAR, referenced in GTCHAR
**[530 W] possible recursive reference
          (the procedure is not declared RECURSIVE)

**[530 W] possible recursive reference
          (GTCHAR > LEN > GTCHAR)
          (the procedure is not declared RECURSIVE)

      8              PLTLIN
      9        SUBR3

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